Monday, July 5, 2010

Teen Girl Daybook~ Week 1.

Heyyyy guys:):):):)
Teen Girl Daybook!!! First time!!! Here we go!!!

Date: July 5th 2010!!! Woot!!!! HEAT!!! Well, not much heat. Considering I live in the Northen States. We usually get between 60-83. If were lucky, 85. We only get about 3 days that are up in the 90's, sometimes not at all! :) We have an extremely short summer here...

Starting time: 3:59PM.

Mood: Happy!!!

Outside my window: Trees. The road. Apartments. Car going by. Fan.

I'm thinking: About the Family Reunion the last day of this month!!!! :)

I'm reading: EVERYTHING on my bookshelf!!!:):):)

I'm listening to: The fan blowing, my mom talking in the other room.

I'm wearing: Purple shirt with pink lettering and sparkles, dark wash fold up capris. And I'm barefoot.

Yesterday, I: Went to Church Barbeque and got in the pool:)

I'm excited for: The family reunion!!!!

I'm sad because: Not sad!!!

I'm hungry for: WAFFLES! Were gonna have waffles tonight. It's 4:02PM now, so I don't have long before my mom starts cooking them! Oh yes, and syrup on the waffles! YUMMM!

The song stuck inside my head is: Get Back Up- TobyMac.


I love: God. And my family. God has SO Blessed me with an wonderful family and wonderful friends!!!

I hate: Nothing!!!:O

This week, my goal is to: Keep my room clean!!! haha

Did I meet last week's goal?: Not yet!!!

Ending time: 4:04PM. I'm fast!!!Hahaha