Monday, July 5, 2010

How to do an MESSY BUN!!!

This video above is how to do an Messy Bun! :):):):)

If you didn't quite get it. I'll explain it! I do this ALL the time!!!

1) Let your hair get natural. Not TOO messy though, like ''when you first wake up and crawl out of bed messy''. Brush it out, and tease it a little bit wherever you'd like (take an brush/comb, and do what she does in the begining of the video, backcomb it. If you didn't get it, type into google/youtube ''How to tease hair'' It's really easy!!!)

2) After brushing and teasing it. Pull it back. Or bend your head over and grab all your hair on the TOP of your head. You want to make sure that you get ALL the hair ON TOP of your head, so it doesn't look weird.

3) Do what she does. Take the ponytail, and before you pull the ponytail through, stop at the end and do it like that. You'll have to watch the video link I gave you to understand how to do it.

4) Take an bobby pin/clip, and tie your bangs back. It looks better. If you have bangs, at least. I do.

5) Spray hairspray, bobby pin or clip down bumps, fix whatever. Then, TADA! There's your messy bun.

However, this will NOT work with short hair above your neck. Shoulder and down. Not sure about shoulders though, that may work. But long hair works best for this hairstyle!!!

Have fun!!!:) Do watch the video though, it explains better!!!