Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Questions about EAR PIERCINGS!!!! =D

Hey guys!!!
Okay. So I've had my ears done twice. When I was 5, my dad took me out to get my first holes done. The day before my 10th birthday, my dad and sister took me out to get my second holes ABOVE my first holes done!! Cool, right?
So alot of people have issues with getting ear piercings done. Here are some 100% honest QnA. I think I got that right. 'Question and Answer'. Hahahaha.

1) Does it hurt getting your ears done?- Nope, not really! Ask if you can have them done at the same time. What I mean by that, is if they can have another person come in and shoot the piercing gun into your ear at the same time. All you feel is basically an slight pinch, but it fades. I didn't really care!

2) What do you do BEFORE you get your ears done- Ummmm...before? Well you obviously find the place you WANT your ears done and go there? I got mine done at the ear piercing booth at the mall. All you do is choose out the piercings you want, they ask where you want it, there you go.

3) What about after?- They gave me some ear solution and advice to keep turning my earrings.

4) Why did they give you ear solution? And what does turning your earings do?- Ear solution cleans your earrings so that way you don't have any disgusting things in it. As for the advice, it helps so nothing grows over your earings. Ewww!

5) Will my ears hurt AFTER I get it done?= Well, it depends on if you take the advice and do what they say. If you don't, it''ll hurt like heck. So take the advice. Please.

There you go! Any more questions? Comment below!!!