Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to look great in the Summer Time :)

Hey guys!!!

Okay. So Jenny, I got your comment (from Cara) saying that the comment button doesn't work. Sooo sorry about that! I'm trying to fix it! I think I already did though. Not sure if it worked, just let my sister know again and I'll do my best to fix that issue. Sorry!

ANYWAY! Now time for my topic ''How to look great in the Summer Time''. LOL. I figured it was the perfect time...because, well, considering it's July. It's been unusually hot here in North America. Weird, over here where I live it is COLD. You should see our Winter!

So anyway. Here we go!!!!


1) Wash your face every single night or morning. Or better yet, both, if you can! Blackheads and pimples feel strange, ecpesially in the burning heat!!!

2) Go light on the makeup. In the summertime, it's probably hot where you are, ofcourse. And the foundation and stuff will come off. Or, you can wear no makeup. Color looks good on your face in the summer. But, if you must wear makeup, wear a light eyeshadow ON your eyelid (nowhere above) that matches your skin tone. Or at least and extremely light pink. No eyeliner! Or lipstick. Stay away from heavy products. Light eyeshadow, lipgloss, clear mascara.

3) Pluck your eyebrows. LOL. Weird, I know! But nothing is worse then hairy eyebrows. And when you touch your face, you'll feel a hairy mess. Plus, it gets all sweaty. EWWW!


1) HAIRCUT! If your hair is really long, get it cut at least 4-5 inches. Medium, 2-3 inches. Short, just leave it! :)

2) Wear your hair something light and off your neck! A high ponytail with bangs pulled back with an bobby pin or clip work! Or an messy bun. Plus, an half-updo. Maybe just an normal side ponytail, or two low/high pigtails :) Look up some Summer ideas!

3) DO NOT DYE OR COLOR YOUR HAIR! If you over-do it, it will fall out!!!


1) If you're going to an party or an formal event. OR just want to look ''Summer Formal''. Wear an sundress. Look up and do some research on sundresses. They're either haltered or strappy. And are lightweight and cotton. They're normally pretty cheap. You can find them at the mall or in Walmart. Anywhere!

2. Not only do Sundresses look good and take weight off, but light and flowy skirts are the same way! You can ECPESIALLY find these at Old Navy. I'd get one that's colorful. Very Summery!

3) If you can't wear anything above. Shorts and a tanktop work. Or a camisole and capris work, too.

4) DONT WEAR LEGGINGS! EVER! Nor jeans or anything heavy or dark!!!

5) Know what shoes to wear. Flipflops or sandles. Or converse, depending on the day. Woohoo! Go shoes!

There. Well. hope I helped!!!!!

And I'll try to fix the comments! Thanks!

See yah!!!