Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to look great in the Summer Time :)

Hey guys!!!

Okay. So Jenny, I got your comment (from Cara) saying that the comment button doesn't work. Sooo sorry about that! I'm trying to fix it! I think I already did though. Not sure if it worked, just let my sister know again and I'll do my best to fix that issue. Sorry!

ANYWAY! Now time for my topic ''How to look great in the Summer Time''. LOL. I figured it was the perfect time...because, well, considering it's July. It's been unusually hot here in North America. Weird, over here where I live it is COLD. You should see our Winter!

So anyway. Here we go!!!!


1) Wash your face every single night or morning. Or better yet, both, if you can! Blackheads and pimples feel strange, ecpesially in the burning heat!!!

2) Go light on the makeup. In the summertime, it's probably hot where you are, ofcourse. And the foundation and stuff will come off. Or, you can wear no makeup. Color looks good on your face in the summer. But, if you must wear makeup, wear a light eyeshadow ON your eyelid (nowhere above) that matches your skin tone. Or at least and extremely light pink. No eyeliner! Or lipstick. Stay away from heavy products. Light eyeshadow, lipgloss, clear mascara.

3) Pluck your eyebrows. LOL. Weird, I know! But nothing is worse then hairy eyebrows. And when you touch your face, you'll feel a hairy mess. Plus, it gets all sweaty. EWWW!


1) HAIRCUT! If your hair is really long, get it cut at least 4-5 inches. Medium, 2-3 inches. Short, just leave it! :)

2) Wear your hair something light and off your neck! A high ponytail with bangs pulled back with an bobby pin or clip work! Or an messy bun. Plus, an half-updo. Maybe just an normal side ponytail, or two low/high pigtails :) Look up some Summer ideas!

3) DO NOT DYE OR COLOR YOUR HAIR! If you over-do it, it will fall out!!!


1) If you're going to an party or an formal event. OR just want to look ''Summer Formal''. Wear an sundress. Look up and do some research on sundresses. They're either haltered or strappy. And are lightweight and cotton. They're normally pretty cheap. You can find them at the mall or in Walmart. Anywhere!

2. Not only do Sundresses look good and take weight off, but light and flowy skirts are the same way! You can ECPESIALLY find these at Old Navy. I'd get one that's colorful. Very Summery!

3) If you can't wear anything above. Shorts and a tanktop work. Or a camisole and capris work, too.

4) DONT WEAR LEGGINGS! EVER! Nor jeans or anything heavy or dark!!!

5) Know what shoes to wear. Flipflops or sandles. Or converse, depending on the day. Woohoo! Go shoes!

There. Well. hope I helped!!!!!

And I'll try to fix the comments! Thanks!

See yah!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thanks, followers!

Hey all!
Umm. Well, I know how to follow you all back. Fallenleaf, I've followed you. But as for the others, there blog is on private. So I can't :(. Please fix this! I'm trying to figure out an way...Oh well :/. Sorry guys!

Anyway, just an quick say! I'll try to work it out, like maybe your blog isn't on private. But there's no link or follow button. Snap.

Thank You!!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Questions about EAR PIERCINGS!!!! =D

Hey guys!!!
Okay. So I've had my ears done twice. When I was 5, my dad took me out to get my first holes done. The day before my 10th birthday, my dad and sister took me out to get my second holes ABOVE my first holes done!! Cool, right?
So alot of people have issues with getting ear piercings done. Here are some 100% honest QnA. I think I got that right. 'Question and Answer'. Hahahaha.

1) Does it hurt getting your ears done?- Nope, not really! Ask if you can have them done at the same time. What I mean by that, is if they can have another person come in and shoot the piercing gun into your ear at the same time. All you feel is basically an slight pinch, but it fades. I didn't really care!

2) What do you do BEFORE you get your ears done- Ummmm...before? Well you obviously find the place you WANT your ears done and go there? I got mine done at the ear piercing booth at the mall. All you do is choose out the piercings you want, they ask where you want it, there you go.

3) What about after?- They gave me some ear solution and advice to keep turning my earrings.

4) Why did they give you ear solution? And what does turning your earings do?- Ear solution cleans your earrings so that way you don't have any disgusting things in it. As for the advice, it helps so nothing grows over your earings. Ewww!

5) Will my ears hurt AFTER I get it done?= Well, it depends on if you take the advice and do what they say. If you don't, it''ll hurt like heck. So take the advice. Please.

There you go! Any more questions? Comment below!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

How to do an MESSY BUN!!!

This video above is how to do an Messy Bun! :):):):)

If you didn't quite get it. I'll explain it! I do this ALL the time!!!

1) Let your hair get natural. Not TOO messy though, like ''when you first wake up and crawl out of bed messy''. Brush it out, and tease it a little bit wherever you'd like (take an brush/comb, and do what she does in the begining of the video, backcomb it. If you didn't get it, type into google/youtube ''How to tease hair'' It's really easy!!!)

2) After brushing and teasing it. Pull it back. Or bend your head over and grab all your hair on the TOP of your head. You want to make sure that you get ALL the hair ON TOP of your head, so it doesn't look weird.

3) Do what she does. Take the ponytail, and before you pull the ponytail through, stop at the end and do it like that. You'll have to watch the video link I gave you to understand how to do it.

4) Take an bobby pin/clip, and tie your bangs back. It looks better. If you have bangs, at least. I do.

5) Spray hairspray, bobby pin or clip down bumps, fix whatever. Then, TADA! There's your messy bun.

However, this will NOT work with short hair above your neck. Shoulder and down. Not sure about shoulders though, that may work. But long hair works best for this hairstyle!!!

Have fun!!!:) Do watch the video though, it explains better!!!

Teen Girl Daybook~ Week 1.

Heyyyy guys:):):):)
Teen Girl Daybook!!! First time!!! Here we go!!!

Date: July 5th 2010!!! Woot!!!! HEAT!!! Well, not much heat. Considering I live in the Northen States. We usually get between 60-83. If were lucky, 85. We only get about 3 days that are up in the 90's, sometimes not at all! :) We have an extremely short summer here...

Starting time: 3:59PM.

Mood: Happy!!!

Outside my window: Trees. The road. Apartments. Car going by. Fan.

I'm thinking: About the Family Reunion the last day of this month!!!! :)

I'm reading: EVERYTHING on my bookshelf!!!:):):)

I'm listening to: The fan blowing, my mom talking in the other room.

I'm wearing: Purple shirt with pink lettering and sparkles, dark wash fold up capris. And I'm barefoot.

Yesterday, I: Went to Church Barbeque and got in the pool:)

I'm excited for: The family reunion!!!!

I'm sad because: Not sad!!!

I'm hungry for: WAFFLES! Were gonna have waffles tonight. It's 4:02PM now, so I don't have long before my mom starts cooking them! Oh yes, and syrup on the waffles! YUMMM!

The song stuck inside my head is: Get Back Up- TobyMac.


I love: God. And my family. God has SO Blessed me with an wonderful family and wonderful friends!!!

I hate: Nothing!!!:O

This week, my goal is to: Keep my room clean!!! haha

Did I meet last week's goal?: Not yet!!!

Ending time: 4:04PM. I'm fast!!!Hahaha

Hey, I'm just getting started!

Atchually, I've had Blogger for a while! It's just that...I forgot my old Blogger username and password! LOL! BUT I won't with this Blog, because I have it stored in my iPod Touch :) But I'm just getting started with this account!!!

Okay. So, I'm Sharayah! SHA-RAY-AH is how you pronounce it. Youtube ''Sharayah-Amy Grant'' and then you''ll know how to pronounce it. Hehe.